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Odell Detox

Our Mission

At our drug addiction treatment facility, we pride ourselves on providing every single client who enrolls in our recovery program with the treatment they need to successfully overcome addiction and begin working toward their recovery goals. We want to support our clients, no matter what their individual situations might be.

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Adult Addiction Treatment Programs

There are as many different possible originations of addiction as there are unique individuals, but we can provide adequate treatment support to every single one of our clients as they work to accomplish their recovery goals. We know that successfully reaching recovery can be a challenge, but we are confident we can provide the guidance they need to reach recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Curriculum

One of the possible treatment strategies we have at our disposal is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we have the tools necessary to provide adequate recovery support to clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder.

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Systemic Family Intervention Program

In instances like this, reaching recovery can be more difficult than anticipated, due to the complicated relationship between addiction and co-occurring disorders. Fortunately, with dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can get clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder the support they require.

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Drug Recovery — Aftercare

We have a variety of therapeutic options available for clients at our substance abuse treatment facility. We know that a client may respond better to one type of therapy than another, and because we are committed to ensuring every client gets the support they need, we maintain a full complement of different therapeutic strategies.

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